Lawford Mead Musicians

Children at Lawford Mead have a wide range of musical experiences. There are Mr Sills' much-loved KS2 music lessons, where the class turn into a band for the hour and everyone gets to play an instrument. There are opportunities for 1:1 and group tuition with a wide range of instruments.  There are the KS1 and KS2 choirs who practice every week and have the opportunity to perform in front of large audiences.  In our weekly singing assemblies our musicians have a chance to perform in front of their classmates. And now we have even started making music videos with 'green screen' technology. Enjoy the video below!


Cynthia - Chanelle has grown to love her lessons. She has progressed really well.

Princess - Wow this is real cool. Our children will grow with great talents at hand. I see Channelle playing 😍😍😍 Keep it up teachers and students of Lawford Mead.