Pobble Pride

At Lawford Mead we love using the the pictures, prompts and starters on the Pobble 365 website to inspire our writing. Children in Year 2 to 5 regularly have the opportunity to use this stimulus to write a completely independent story or non-fiction text. No ‘steps to success’ to think about, no instructions from the teacher, just FREE, CREATIVE writing for PLEASURE.  The only marking teachers do for Pobble writing is to say what they LOVE about it!  This kind of writing is increasing children’s ENJOYMENT of writing as well as their stamina. Year 5 were so PROUD of their Pobble writing they even chose their favourite piece so far and re-drafted it for display. Keep checking the Year Group Blogs as the ‘Star Writer of the Week’ blog post is often awarded for a ‘Pobble piece’.


Haniya - The greatest thing about creative writing (Pobble) is you can write whatever you want, without having to follow the S2S. IT'S LIMITLESS!!!!!

Shokat 3g - WOW I would love to do that

123makeupbrushLOL - WOW sounds awesome

Joshua.B - I enjoy Pobble because you can write what ever you want about the picture.