School uniform and appearance have an important part to play in maintaining high standards in learning and behaviour, as well as promoting the values of pride and teamwork in our pupils.

School uniform consists of:

Early Years & Key Stage 1 (Years 1 & 2)

  • White polo shirts
  • Red jumpers, fleeces or cardigans
  • Black trousers or skirts/pinafore dresses
  • Black school shoes
  • Red gingham dresses in the summer

Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6)

  • White shirts
  • School ties (Year 3 to 5 red/black & Y6 silver/black)
  • Red v-necked jumpers, fleeces or cardigans
  • Black trousers or skirts/pinafore dresses
  • Black school shoes

In addition a PE Kit consists of: white t-shirt, black shorts and trainers with plain tracksuits in the colder months. We do not recommend plimsolls for PE as they do not provide enough support for the range of physical activities children participate in.

In adherence to County Council policy on pupil safety, hooped or hanging earrings, necklaces and bracelets must not be worn in school. In the case of pierced ears, only small studs should be worn. Neither the school nor the LA can accept any responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from the wearing of jewellery. Essex County Council’s ruling (January 1995) states that for physical education: “All jewellery, including studs in newly pierced ears, must be removed for safety reasons. Those children who do not comply will not be permitted to participate in the activity”. If parents choose to have their child’s ear pierced we ask that it be at the beginning of the summer school holiday, not at the end or during term time.

Ordering Uniform

  • Online at www.onestopschoolgear.com
  • In their shop, open Monday to Saturdays, located in Beehive Lane, Chelmsford CM2 9TE.
  • By telephone 01245 214084.

All items of clothing and any other belongings must be marked clearly with the child’s name. We ask that children are not sent to school with any property that cannot be clearly labelled. Any unclaimed lost property will be recycled at the end of each term.