The Local Governing Committee of Lawford Mead Primary School is very proud of the school. Under its current Head of School, Mr Matthew Poyton, the school continues to go from strength to strength. Mr Poyton is ably supported by his Senior Leadership Team and together with all the staff and non-teaching staff they work very hard to ensure that Lawford Mead is a safe, friendly and caring place for children to achieve their best. The school is fully inclusive and welcomes any child regardless of ability, race, faith and background and Lawford Mead enjoys creating events throughout the year that celebrate our diversity. We all learn from each other and grow in our understanding of the things that make us all individuals irrespective of society’s labels, and in this way we learn to respect and honour children and adults whatever our differences.

Lawford Mead has joined with Kings Road Primary School to form the HERA Primary Academy Trust. This has meant a change in the way the Schools are governed and managed. Details can be located on the HERA Primary Academy Trust website.

Lawford Mead’s Local Governing Committee is made up of staff members, parents and volunteers from within the community. All the governors give their time to support Mr Poyton and his staff, ensuring the school is run well and is a safe place.

The Local Governing Committee’s role is to ensure that Lawford Mead Primary School provides your child with an excellent education in an environment that nurtures and encourages them so that they are ready for secondary school and life beyond education. The children are encouraged to aim high and be caring and responsible individuals that will make a positive contribution to society both now and in the future.

The Local Governing Committee supports but also challenges the Head of School, ensuring that the aims and goals of the School Improvement Plan are met throughout the academic year. The Local Governing Committee does this by reviewing the school website and visiting the school in order to monitor the quality of teaching, behaviour management, pupil progress and engagement, provision for pupils with special education needs and disabilities.  They are also responsible for ensuring Pupil Premium money is spent effectively to so that the gap in achievement, between children who do and do not receive free school meals, continues to close. The governors also monitor the provision and use of IT in the school making sure that the children have the appropriate tools to support the curriculum and encourage their investigative skills.

Governors review and approve relevant policies regularly and visit the school to talk with the School Council to hear what the children have to say about Lawford Mead and attend events to engage with pupils and parents.

Monitoring the school’s budget and how money is spent is a very important function of the Local Governing Committee.  The governors are sent monthly reports on spending and ask questions regularly about how money is used in the school. Once a year the governors must go through the proposed school budget for the next academic year, reviewing planned expenditure to ensure that all monies are accounted for and that money is spent wisely. It is then approved by the HERA Board of Trustees.

Each year Lawford Mead’s Governing Committee presents an award to a boy and girl in Year 6 who the staff agree have been a real asset to the school. This award is not given for academic achievement but to pupils who have modelled the School Values and shown care, kindness, support and encouragement to fellow pupils throughout their time at the school. The award is presented at the end of the Year 6 leavers performance which is usually during the last week of the Summer term.

Local Governing Committee (LGC) Members

Mark Golledge – Chair

Parent Governor

Tracy Parker

MAT Governor

Andrew Montague


Andrew Williams

Parent Governor

Paul Hale

Parent Governor

Hannah Elgie

Parent Governor

Alison Saveall

Staff Governor

Chiquita Moston

Staff Governor

Matthew Poyton

Head of School

If you have any questions or matters you wish to raise with the Local Governing Committee please contact Mr Mark Golledge (Chair) via the school.

Declarations of Interest

Governors Declarations of Interest can be found on the HERA Primary Academy Trust website.