Code Club

Another exciting new lunchtime club has started at Lawford Mead.  On Fridays, pupils in Years 3-6 can work together on coding projects with the Scratch software on our Macbooks.  We have some very talented computer programmers in the club already!  The Scratch software is a free download for PCs and laptops that we recommend to families.  There is lots of ‘how to’ guidance on the Scratch website to help you learn the basics before designing your own games, animations and much, much more.


Andrew - Xav & Noah mastering coding before launching their world leading gaming company. Thanks for running this in your lunchtime Mr Poynton & others.

Katrina - 14 Days to go! I think I'll stop by at coding club and make something Christmas-y ;D

Xavier - Cool!

Haniya - I'm coming next week :D

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