Lockdown Assembly - 12th June 2020


Layla R - Love the den great assembly!

Isabel and anna m - The staff look so different and we also got 4/25

Maisey - Loving it

Maisey - Nice den Mr Poyton

Beth - I always watch the assemblies 500 times and on Fridays I’m checking every 10 seconds to see if the assembly is on there yet. I loved doing the teacher baby thing we didn’t do very well.

Christina ❤ - The staff looked way different when they were younger.😀😀🙂🙂

Sophie - Great assembly Mr Poyton.

Andrew - Brilliant brilliant brilliant! The dark lord head of school in a den, teachers as babies, this should be on TV. It gets better every week. The children loved it. Thanks for your creativity and hard work.

Emma - Silverbell - I loved the photos of the teachers - where was Mr Poyton's photo?

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