Lockdown Assembly - 5th June 2020


Maisey - The teachers look soo different

Jamie - This was a very funny assembly and especially you Mr Poyton with your weird funny faces you were pulling. We really enjoyed the assembly thank you.

see you next week.

Samuel - That was a nice. I enjoyed watching Mr Poyton and his many faces 🙂 and keeping up to date.

ALBIE - Mum get the camera🤣

Logan - It was really funny and unusual!

Joshua from Bonsai - You were very funny and I laughed lots.

Christina J - Mr Poyton you are very funny-we couldn't stop laughing.

Mrs Moston - That was hilarious Mr Poyton. Glad to see that you put your media degree to good use !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elodie M - Thank you for the story Miss Abbott it was so wonderful thank you.

Natalie and Adele - Mr Poyton you are hilararious we love your assembly hahahahaha,LOL

Xav and Liv - Very funny Mr Poyton it made us all laugh, hahahahaha, LOL!!

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