Cultural Day 2017

On the 22nd June, Cultural Day came to Lawford Mead. Every classroom was transformed into a different country and throughout the day children had the opportunity to explore the customs and cultures of different places. Some of the activities included recreating the New Zealand Hakka, learning Ghanaian drumming, Bollywood dancing and even tasting Canadian pancakes with maple syrup! Everyone had a brilliant day and learnt lots about different countries.

We also had parents and children talking to classes about their own experiences of living in another country. They gave brilliant presentations to the children and brought in photos, money and even clothes! A big thank you to everyone that spoke about their own experience. All the children thoroughly enjoyed hearing about life in another country.

The children said:

"I enjoyed talking to Year 2 about Indonesia with my Mum because it was enjoyable to teach them something new and they asked a lot of questions."

"Today I was excited and surprised by all of the flags around school. It was like were about to travel around the world."

"I enjoyed showing my presentation to Year 1 because they didn’t know anything about Romania and they seemed to be interested."

"I liked learning about Lithuania because the treats that we tasted were really yummy!"

"I enjoyed drumming because it was like we were in Ghana."


Grace Sherwood - Thank you Mr P and Miss B for such a fun day and I would like to thank the lady who came in to teach Year 6 Bollywood dancing xxx we had a great time

Haniya - I loved cultural day! I loved it when I went to a year 2 classroom and talked about Indonesia!

George - Cultural Day was the best day ever and my favourite country that we visited was Ghana because I liked the drumming.

Abibat - I enjoyed Cultural Day because I learnt some dances and tasted some polish food!

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