German Day 2016

There was a German-theme to all the learning in KS2 for this year’s German Day. In their German lessons, Year 3 and 4 have been learning a story in by the Brothers Grimm called “The Town Musicians of Bremen” and have listened to the story in German whilst acting it out with props they had made. Some budding actors have emerged! Even handwriting lessons have included German words and phrases from the book.

Years 5 and 6 have been performing the poem “Die Lorelei” by Heinrich Heine, with fantastic pronunciation and actions to make the poem more understandable for the audience. In music, the contemporary composer, Hans Zimmer (who has composed the music to many films such as The Lion King and Pirates of the Caribbean) has been the focus.

In PE there has been an ongoing rounders tournament between the four houses, this week with banners showing our house names in German. We eagerly await the announcement of the winners! Our wonderful school chef Jackie Johnson put on a German-themed menu once again, with her infamous Apfelstreuselkuchen (Apple crumble cake). Other lessons in class have included writing a recount of a fictional holiday along the Rhine (Y5), a challenge in which children had to write the Town Musicians of Bremen story in only 100 words (Y4) and designing a new cover for the story (Y3). Year 6 are learning about the Brothers Grimm in literacy all week.

A big THANK YOU to Mrs Lees and Miss Caldwell for organising a fantastic day.  We LOVE languages at Lawford Mead!