Lockdown Assembly - 15th January 2021


Charlie M - You too Miss Jennings

Maisey R - I want to nominate my sister Layla because she tries her best in all of the work that she has to complete and she is doing all of the zoom calls

Miss Jennings - I love a good science experiment and I hope you all enjoy having a go at home (with your parents and carers permission first of course!) I will definitely be trying Granny's syrup sponge pudding later - yummy!

Mark Golledge (Chair of Governors) - We enjoyed watching the assembly video today as a family and I have also sent it to the other Lawford Mead Governors for them to watch. Well done to all the children who got awards today and for your hard work at home. Like Mrs Chilvers we also enjoyed the book too! The highlight was definitely the science experiment and we all laughed out loud for Mr Poyton's reaction! I think it needs someone to do a slow motion clip! :)
Well done for keeping us all entertained!

Elodie M birch class - Thanks Mrs Golledge we tried the steamed pudding and it was delicious. We Sent you a video on seesaw.

Mrs Chilvers - I really enjoyed the story today and it actually motivated me to put on some music and have a sing song and a boogie around the house.
Well done for winning the Science challenge Mr Poyton and I think your reaction was as fun to watch as the experiment itself.

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