Lockdown Assembly - 22nd January 2021


Mrs Moston - I actually think that Shakespeare would have found that story very funny! Not sure about Dostoevsky though..................

Maisy G - Hahaha ? I love the experiment and I have the kitchen disco book and my grandad has the anything is possible book but I do not have the noisy bottoms book

Logan H - It was so funny, I bet you got soggy.

Paul chittick - Experiment could have gone better but proves miss chittick is the better lab assistant.

Mrs Chilvers - Another fantastic very funny assembly.
Well done Miss Chittick for winning the experiment, Mr Poyton I have to say it did sound a little bit like you made excuses for losing , you must remember you can't win all the time. I'm sure lots of children enjoyed the story and found it very funny I'm looking forward to seeing what you will read to us next week.
Well done to everyone for all the hard work you are producing at home and I really enjoy seeing you on Zoom each morning, keep up the good work.

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