MAGS Mornings 2019

Thank you to all the Mums, Aunts, Grans and Sisters that attended our MAGS mornings this term.  Every March we invite our ‘MAGS’ into the school to take part in the learning.  As well as joining children in class, there were PE, Computing and Singing workshops to enjoy together and, of course, time to relax and read a book.  Please leave a comment below if you attended and tell us what you enjoyed about the morning. Happy Mothers’ Day to all our mums!


Freya s - It was lots of fun doing it I did the competing

Sam - I loved this day. I did the P.E workshop.

Chantelle - Another great day for MAGS morning always do the p.e the kids love it

Dolores King - What a great idea is MAGS! I had a lovely morning joining in some of the activities my grandson Jake King does, I'm aching a little today but it was well worth it. Well done to everyone involved, very well organised.

Laura Bailey - So lovely that we can come to school and do this with our children. Thank you for organising.

Hannah - I always really look forward to these days. Such a great morning

Stephanie Rutter - Had a wonderful morning! Really enjoyed spending time with Lois in school and seeing all the fabulous opportunities Lawford Mead has to offer our children - particularly enjoyed the singing workshop! And to top it off - tea and biscuits!

Jules - Thanks so much for another really lovely morning. I didn't want to go home!

Lindy Lauwrens - Another fantastic MAGS morning. Thank you Mr. Poyton and team for arranging it and thank you especially to Mrs. Wilson for the very entertaining singing session!

Kiru Kantharupan - I loved the MAGS Morning. Attended English lesson and coding. Enjoyed both equally. Now I know why Gam wants to be at school and not even want to miss a day.

Skarlet - I love this year mags morning thank you

Claire Turner - Had a lovely time at Mags morning.

Louise webb - Another great mags morning loved the singing and loved the p.e I can see why my jess love these lessons. Well done to lawford mead.

Eleanor q - I loved this day so much.

Lorna Ashley - Had a really lovely morning, thank you to the children and staff.

JA - Had a great time at MAGS morning. I fear I might be unable to walk tomorrow after a PE lesson with Miss Lindsay! Thank you to all those involved and who helped organise another successful event. :-)

wendy bostwick - Had another fantastic Mags morning singing was brilliant had a lot of fun

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