Mr Lincoln Goes to Ghana!

Mr Lincoln flew to Ghana in West Africa during the Summer break. He visited Osuben school which needed some vital rebuilding work. At our Summer fete last term Mr Lincoln had his own stall and the money he raised was donated to Osuben. Thanks to Lawford Mead families who gave money and thank you to all at Osuben school for adding our school name and logo to your fantastic new building. What an honour!

Not only did Mr Lincoln teach Osuben children how to write in English during his trip, he got involved with the building work himself! Check out the photos below and read more about Mr Lincoln's adventures...

"Osuben school has 150 children. The school has been in this village for about 80 years and when we arrived it was on its last legs. The walls were broken and unstable, the roof was ruined and close to collapsing etc. The money raised paid for 90% of the materials needed and paid for a local builder and carpenter to come everyday and use their skills to help us build the school and teach us. Everyday when we came to build, lots of local children and adults came along to watch and help rebuild their new school."

Mr Lincoln also visited surrounding villages to give out water filters, again paid for with money raised at Lawford Mead...

"These villages could be home to hundreds of people but have no access to fresh water. These people have to walk miles everyday to get water and what they get isn't even clean or safe to drink. That is why water filters can make a huge difference. It can turn any water into clean fresh water like we get from our taps in England. It operates by a pump and it does not need electricity so it costs absolutely nothing for them to use. A lot of villages have bore holes to pump water out of the ground making it easier for villages to access water."


Harry chandler poplar - Wow your amazing, I want to do this when I am older

Fran Poelman - Chair of Governors - What an incredible way to spend your summer holidays! I hope Mr Lincolns example will encourage our current pupils to do something similar when they are older. Let\'s hope we can build on this link.

Maxwell and Stephanie Ridley (Ceder/Sycamore) - Mr Lincoln is amazing and what he has done for Osuben School is very inspiring!

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