PALMS Christmas Campaign

Our brilliant Parents Association (PALMS – Parents at Lawford Mead School) have been planning Christmas activities for the children, despite the limitations this year due to Covid -19. We won’t be able to hold our usual Christmas Discos this year, sadly. HOWEVER, Father Christmas has filmed a message for the children and is planning to visit us for an outdoor, socially distant Christmas greeting.

PALMS and Santa have also teamed up so that every child can receive a present and there will be a disco during the school day in the final week of term with the DJ’s music piped into each classroom, so everyone can party! PALMS and the school would greatly appreciate any donations you can make (we would suggest £3 per child) to cover costs and to raise money for the school. All profits from PALMS events go toward improving pupils’ experiences at Lawford Mead.

Previous contributions have gone toward picnic shelters, bike sheds, playground equipment and books for the library. We thank you kindly for your donations and for helping to enrich our pupils’ experiences at Lawford Mead. We aren’t able to take cash this term so PALMS have set up an online payment page. Thank you.

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