Reading Together

Time for another shared read.  Older and younger children regularly visit each other’s classes and enjoy a book together.  What book are you enjoying right now?  Leave a comment below.


Bonsai Class - We really enjoy our shared reading sessions as we get to share stories with older children in the school.

In Bonsai class we love to share a story and we recommend the book: The Grinch who Stole Christmas. We enjoy this story because it makes us think about Christmas as a special time and it is very funny. Hope you have a chance to enjoy this story soon.

Jessica - I read Horrid Henry's Rainy Day, I liked using expression to show off my silly voices to Kodey in Y6 and my book was hilarious!

Jackson - I shared my book Presto's New Pet with someone from Y6, I liked it because we talked about the strange pets that Presto had and it made me laugh.

Elias - I'm new to LMPS and we didn't do this at my old school. I though it was good as we took turns to read the book - The Land of the Dinosaurs.

Bea - I had fun reading to the Y6s and my book was funny.

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