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Spelling Competition - Autumn 2017

We held our second ever Key Stage 2 ‘Spelling Bee’ this week.  Classes nominated their most confident spellers to represent their class.  It was a great achievement just to be chosen for this contest.  These children have been working extremely hard on their year group’s word lists this term.  The tournament itself is TOUGH!  Children had to spell three words in front of the assembly audience.  They had to spell them out loud into the microphone which is much harder than writing them down.  There had to be ‘knockout’ rounds to decide the winner in some cases!  There was a prize for all competitors, not just the winners in each year  group.  Well done to everyone.  We are already looking forward to the next competition in the Spring term.  Keep working on those word lists at home everyone.  Aspire to be a spelling champ!


kasey - It was a hard day but they all try hard and even know some people did not get the spelling right they all showed passion

Haniya - It was very nerve-racking, but it was equally fun to spell in front of the whole of KS2! It was very tense when me and Nikas had to compete against each other though!

Chloe T - It was so fun watching all the other people spell!
Well done all of the spellers!!!

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