Staying Safe Workshops

We were delighted to have The 2 Johns spend the day with us leading online safety workshops with children from Year 1 to 6.  The Johns also ran staff training at the end of the day and presented to parents in the evening whilst children enjoyed a ‘cinema night’. Please leave a comment below to tell us what you learnt from the day.

You can find more safeguarding information, links and guidance on our Safeguarding page.


Lynn/David Johnson - We are really grateful to the Two Johns and all the staff for their efforts to educate us and explain how dangerous the internet world is especially for children, it was a real eye opener and quite frightening as to what goes on. We are grandparents many times over, how the world has changed. Once again thanks to all involved

J Anderson - Thank you so much for organising this and to all the teachers that stayed late. We learnt so much, completely changed our perception. The 2 Johns were brilliant, you can tell how much the genuinely care. We cannot thank them enough for guiding us on how to let out that rope slowly! Thank you.

S. Reains - Thankyou for this eye opening evening with the Two John's. It provides a feeling of safety to know that Lawford Mead are aware of Internet dangers, and are working alongside the parents to ensure that our children are kept safe. We now feel confident in ways to provide a safe entry into the world of social media. Many Thanks!!

ECummings - Thank you for organising this day of workshops. Really informative and eyeopening.
Great that the school are on the case with this topic. Hopefully now all of us parents are too!

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