The Lawford Mead Garden

Our fantastic Parents Association (PALMS – Parents At Lawford Mead) have started a brilliant garden project on the school site, transforming the area by the old pond. One of our dads, Steve, is leading this exciting new endeavour. He came to see Year 2 this week to explain the project’s possibilities and get the children’s ideas for what to grow and how to develop the area further. Year 2 then planted the sunflowers that had been germinating in their classrooms this half term! Steve has even repurposed old wood from the site to build some beautiful benches and added our school logo to them. They look amazing next to one of our signature willow trees, which is growing in the centre of the garden. Thank you Steve and thank you PALMS! The children are so excited about getting involved and gardening together!


Jake's Granddad - Thank you Steve for giving up your time to help the children to see and understand the wonders of nature that is all around us. What could be a better environment than a school garden to interact with young minds that have their own ideas. There might even be a young Month Don in the making, you never know.


Birch Class - Thanks Steve/Mr Turner. Thank you for helping us plant our sunflowers. You taught us all some really interesting facts about plants - especially that badgers will eat our sweetcorn if we grew it AND that carrots need to be grown in deep beds! We are so grateful for you coming in to ask us what we would like to grow in the garden. We had so much fun and cannot wait for you to come in again and see how we have taken care of the plants. Birch class

Frida's mum - What a beautiful spot in the school grounds. Such lucky children, lovely to see Frida so at home and enjoying her new class.

Michaels mum - Well done PALMS & well done to Steve. This is such an awesome project for the children. Those benches are incredible! How talented you are Steve. ??

Andrew - Well done PALMS and Steve! What a great project with so many fun educational opportunities. Piper says the benches are cool.

Shelley Ashour - This is a fantastic fun project for Year 2 to get involved with. Well done everyone keep up the good work.

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