World Book Day 2018

For World Book Day this year, children at Lawford Mead enjoyed dressing up as heroes or villains from their favourite books and took part in a variety of fun reading activities.  Most special was when year groups partnered up so that older and younger children could read together.  Find out more about reading at Lawford Mead.

Here are the lyrics to Mrs Moston’s wonderful Reading Song that Early Years and Key Stage 1 performed in assembly. Now you can sing along at home!

Big words, little words, tricky in the middle words

Words I can say when I read a book

Sitting on my bed or curled up on the sofa

We can read at Lawford Mead!


Real words, rubbish words, Aliens from space words

Words I can say when I read a book

Sitting in the car or chillin’ at the seaside

We can read at Lawford Mead!


Cross words, happy words, very very funny words

Words I can say when I read a book

Quiet in the library or in the busy classroom,

We can read at Lawford Mead


Skarletq - I love dressing up

Haniya - I siriusly love reading! One time I was reading while walking and I slammed my face into the DUMBLEdoor. (Puns intended, Sirius...serious...sirius black...)

Fran Poelman - Chair of Governors - Wow - looks like you all had a fantastic day! A big thank you to all the parents for helping your child/children use their imaginations for World Book Day. SO lovely to see the older children working with the younger children in school. Well done everybody!

Miss Cope - Thank you for all your efforts children in producing some amazing work and for really immersing yourselves in reading!

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