Year 5

Welcome to Year 5, here you will find all of the information about our year group, as well as seeing highlights of things that we have done.

Class Teachers

N. Archer

Poplar - Class Teacher

E. Caldwell

Pine - Class Teacher

Support Staff

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Parent Presentation

Autumn 2018

What We're Learning...

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Calculation Policy

Year 5 and 6 Calculation Policy

End of Year Expectations

A summary of the skills children will be learning during Year 5:

Year 5 Age Related Expectations


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Year 5 Blogs

Transport Top Trumps!

As part of Science week and our pollution experiment, we designed different...
Last week

Science Week – Pollution Solution

For one of our Science week activities we explored the impact of polluted...
Last week

Homework projects

We set a homework project to find out about a planet, star or moon in the solar...
3 weeks ago

Astronaut training

To start off our new topic ‘Stargazers’ we took part in...
3 weeks ago

Year 5 Highlights