Year 6 - Mersea 2024

Year 6 children make memories to last a lifetime on our annual residential trip to Essex Outdoors Mersea.

Leo - I enjoyed when we went in the pool as a year group because we got to play catch and be with all our friends. I enjoyed the Giant Swing because it looks scary but then you fly through the air!

Harley - It was fun. I liked being away from home and having time away from my phone.

Josh - My favourite part was the low ropes because we got to work as a team.

Jamie - I liked climbing! I LOVED the hot chocolate in the evenings and the biscuits during activities!

Isla - The Giant Swing was the best part because it made me feel nervous but excited. I liked all the jam I could have at breakfast and lunch! I found crabs when I was at the beach. I helped pick them up and put them back in the sea.

Vishwak - I loved caving because it was fun to explore underground!

Areeba - I liked the food! I had fish and chips, jacket potatoes and lots of cheese!


Rooster - Unlucky me I didn’t go 🥲🥲🥲

Kaysey - very skibidi
It was very fun best bit was giant swing

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