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Year 6 - X FACTORY

Year 6 put on a smash hit production of ‘X FACTORY’ to end the term. They worked brilliantly as a team throughout rehearsals and it was a joy to watch them confidently perform in front of big audiences. Fantastic singing, jokes, committed and convincing performances – it had it all! Well done and thank you to the children for making everyone proud and entertaining us all. I think the drama clubs at our local secondary schools will be filling up next September! Thank you too to all the staff who contributed to a fantastic show and to families for supporting and encouraging their talented children!


Beth - Yes that was the best play ever

Paul Hale, Parent and Governor - What an amazing show! There is so much talent at LMPS! And a big thank you to everyone who helped behind the scenes in making this suchj a success

Kat - Haha! I look like a weirdo in that picture. Was extremely fun performing each time.

Miss Cope - Well done to the children. They have made me extremely proud. Thank you to the parents for support with costumes and learning of lines at home too!!!

Mr Pleydell - Fantastic work, year 6! We are so proud of each of you for your hard work and commitment during rehearsals. Congratulations for pulling off a brilliant show!

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