Green Screen Movies

In Filmmaking club this term children from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 have been making their own stop motion animations using lego and the ‘Animate It!’ app on our iPads. They have also be using the ‘Do Ink’ green screen app (and a big green backdrop) to make their own special effects spectaculars! Children decided where they wanted to be, who they wanted to be and what they would say. Watch the video below and enjoy the children’s fantastic use of imagination!


Skarletq - My sister was in it to so cute she was a little pig

Lily - So cute. Love it. Well done you lot!

Sapphire watch - That was excellent guys. Well done!

Phoebe - My sister was the one that did the slow motion swimming one! They all did well! Also they were perfect!

Aidan - 🤣this is so cute!!

Lacey - WOW! Those green screen movies look FANTASTIC!

Scarlet - So cute

Jules - This is SO good!!

Hannah - Love it!

Grace Sherwood - Awwww so cute well done everyone 👍👏👏👏

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