Muddy Adventures

Our Forest School provision (we call it Muddy Adventures!) is one our pupils’ favourite things about life at Lawford Mead. It builds confidence, resilience and strength of character! Each class spends half a term learning to manage risk, solve problems and work in a team as they climb trees, build dens, be safe around a campfire and much more! For the final session of the half term children are joined by parents and carers!

One parent provided the following feedback;

“I am just writing to share my views and thanks for the amazing experience we shared at muddy adventures this morning. I have not experienced it myself and only seen the area a couple of years ago and was a bit pessimistic about the area and what you offer in this part of the children’s learning. All I can say is WOW!! What a exceptional experience and Miss Lindsey and her team should feel proud of what they have created in the muddy adventures area! The area is amazing and so well thought about. You can see the area has come along massively and a lot of time and effort has been made to make this so fun and challenging for the children. You could clearly see ALL children and adults thoroughly enjoyed it and I cant wait to be invited to the next one. Thank you for a fantastic morning!”

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melissa - I work at another school and was lucky enough to be on half term so could come and join in with my son!!! I’m so glad I had this opportunity, we spent some quality time together and we had a great time and no electronics involved!!!! The area is brilliant and there is so much for the children to explore and learn!!! Lawford Mead should be very proud 👍👍

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