Parents Muddy Adventures

Children loved having their parents join them for special Muddy Adventures sessions. Scroll down for feedback from parents. Thanks to all who came. And of course, a HUGE thank you to Miss Lindsay! Children have amazing outdoor learning experiences at Lawford Mead!

I loved being able to get involved in something I have heard so much about, and that my son enjoys. Parents against children hide and seek was fun!

A nice opportunity to share in the outdoor learning and see it in action.

I loved being able to see (my son) in school and to see him take pride in showing me around. Hide and Seek was also loads of fun.

You have created a fabulous area for the kids to enjoy, very impressive.

I enjoyed the outside experience and I can see why my daughter loves this so much.

I understand better what my child is actually up to at school and appreciate what the teachers are doing with her. My daughter has pride in what she does at school as she can show it off and gains more understanding from me.

A great opportunity to build links with staff.

I think the children benefit from events like this because it’s important spending time with them. Also it’s nice for parents to see their children in the school environment.

It is lovely to be able to be part of something that the children get a lot of fun from.

It gave me a great insight to what the children do at Muddy Adventures so now we can discuss it much better each week. It also felt very welcoming on behalf of the school.

It brings the community and school community together and strengthens bonds.

Events like this show the school at their best and it’s great to take part in the school and not just hear about it from (my son) or reading about it in a report.

Its lovely seeing what he does at school and sharing it with him. Really positive day.

It was good to see and enjoy Muddy Adventures as I hear so much about it but wasn’t actually sure what my child did in the lesson.

(My son) loved being able to show me what he gets up to. Asking (him) what he gets up to at school is like trying to get blood out of a stone…it’s great to see what he does.

It has really changed my mind about Muddy Adventures. I was not keen before but after seeing the area, now think it is great.

The whole set up looks great and the fact that it is recycled material is amazing.

Muddy Adventures was great, I loved attending with the kids and seeing other parents.